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"Short stories, essays and poetry from 'parts of the world where the Internet is not yet so strongly entrenched but where
the human imagination most assuredly is...'"
- Publishers Weekly

"A thought-provoking mélange of essays and short stories…by authors who will be enriching us for years to come." 
-Foreword Magazine

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An International Online Journal of Idea & Observation

Winner of the MILKWEED AWARD

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GOWANUS is an international publication of intelligent essay, short fiction and review. 

GOWANUS is not so much interested in today's news as in the bigger picture, especially how events affect the personal point of view. 

GOWANUS knows the world is not only round but varied.

GOWANUS is interested in what concerns human beings in Delhi, Bridgetown and Soweto as well as 
in Chicago, Dublin and Tokyo. 

GOWANUS is interested in everything--intelligence in both senses of the word. 

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